Bad Apple, East Hastings street 

A place for pinball!  Current lineup:  Black Knight, Ghostbusters, Walking Dead, Jurassic Park.

We take great pride in operating games at select establishments in Vancouver and bring unique equipment to fit the style of the venue.  If your pub wants to attract some new customers, reach out to us!

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Colony Entertainment district

Current lineup, Ghostbusters, Attack from Mars

Current lineup includes Pac Man Battle Royale 4 player, Big Buck Hunter RELOADED, pinball machines including the new Godzilla, Skee ball.

12 Kings Pub

Whatever your fancy for games are here.  Basketball, football, big buck hunter, Mario Kart DX, Pac Man Battle Royale, pinball machines, Street FIghter, classic arcades, foosball, Skee Ball, Down the Clown and more! 

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